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Sanjay , a Life Coach, believes in the philosophy of “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” , a Sanskrit phrase which means praying for the well being of all living beings in the universe and the universe itself. All my thoughts, words and actions are guided by this core belief.

Obstacles help improve your capacity for accomplishing great results
Obstacles are qualification bench marks

Driven by the passion to create awareness about the power that is there within each individual, the only need is to look inwards and put this power into use for the larger benefit of the entire Universe as a holistic system.Where all the things are interconnected and interdependent.Which means that genuine long term concern for each component of the system lies at the root of all interests and desires.

This core belief facilitates solutions that are in harmony with the natural principles. Endeavor is to work towards spreading awareness regarding Vedic Indian Wisdom and its application for the benefit of  Modern Business & Human Civilization.


Sanjay had seen fair amount of success early in life. Had a comfortable childhood, schooling and Management Education. Where ever he worked he was never quite satisfied and he always wanted to work towards additional value creation than what was visible to the eye. This quest lead him to do extensive experiments, making him frequently switching jobs and businesses one after the other. This also gave him an opportunity to work with diverse industries with a huge variety of people and organizations, which in turn shaped his deep understanding of the wide array of organizational cultures as well as the intricacies involving human behavior and the motivation that drives these cultures and behaviors.

sanjay v sharma
Life Coach & Business Coach

Sanjay was fortunate enough to have highly educated parents with religious background  ,where he got a firm grounding in the meaning of true education as well as the concepts and discourses on Vedic legacy. Being blessed with a sharp intellect and an analytical bent of mind coupled with voracious reading habits and his own life experiences. Sanjay, by the grace of the almighty, explored Management, Psychology, Science, Mathematics, English, Learning & Development, Training, Philosophy, Religion,  and  Vedic scriptures to consolidate his understanding (not to say that the learning has ended, in-fact it has further intensified and the desire to learn more  continues to grow with each passing day). This helped him in gaining clarity regarding his purpose.

Sanjay has a long list of abandoned interests, including sports, music,  athletics, dramatics, fitness, and media to his credit, but the noteworthy among them and the ones that match his purpose include Coaching and Training. He is proud to finally know his purpose and is glad to don the hat of an Author, Business Coach,  and Life Skills Trainer.

Sanjay has trained thousands of individuals , helping them realize their true potential. View Sanjay’s profile on Linked in

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