Coaching Facilitates Higher Career Growth

Coaching can help accelerate your career growth
There are no short cuts to success

Challenge Your Limits

Researches show that surrounding yourself with people who will push you towards growth is an important factor if you are thinking about growing in your career. In the words of  Claudio Fernández-Aráoz , “proactively surrounding ourselves with people who will push us to succeed in unexpected ways and, in so doing, build genuinely rich, purposeful lives of growth, excellence, and impact“. This also sheds light on the importance of coaching in the life of all major celebrities. For instance, you name a few sports stars and there are coaches behind these stars, pushing & challenging their limits to go on the journey of continuous self improvement.

A few great examples* include

  1. Ramakant Achrekar coached Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Pullela Gopichand – Coached players like Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu
  3. Guru Hanuman – some of his most famous disciples include Asian Games gold medalists Satpal Singh and Kartar Singh and Commonwealth Games gold medalists Sudesh Kumar and Prem Nath
  4. Satpal Singh – Sushil Kumar’s and Yogeshwar Dutt’s coach
  5. OM Nambiar – PT Usha’s coach
  6. L Ibomcha Singh – MC Mary Kom’s coach
  7. Gurbaksh Singh Sandhu – Vijender Singh’s coach
  8. Paul Annacone – Roger Federer’s and Pete Sampras’ coach
  9. Imran Mirza – Sania Mirza’s father and coach
  10. Richard Williams – Coach and father of Serena and Venus Williams
  11. Toni Nadal – Rafael Nadal’s coach and uncle
  12. Johan Cruyff – Former Barcelona FC manager

And there is a huge list of successful people in other walks of life too, who were successful because they created an environment of high expectations around them by surrounding themselves with people who pushed them to work harder for achieving their goals.

If you are fortunate enough to have some one in your family who can coach you then that’s really great but if you do not have such coaching facility in your family  it is highly recommended that you find a good coach and a mentor who would facilitate your goal setting and training for accomplishing your career growth.

Coaching Improves Two Critical Departments

There is always a paucity of career growth opportunities.As you keep moving up in your career the number of available opportunities keep further reducing. The situation is marked by a large number of aspirants chasing a smaller number of career growth opportunities. In other words what this means is that if you want to achieve career growth then you must be at your best, by coaching yourself better than your competitors in two critical departments

  1. Skills
  2. Attitude

Training & practice is the only way to achieve success in sharpening your skills and developing a healthy attitude for building a successful career.

It Is Your Responsibility

If You are looking for career growth, what you achieve is never more than what you aspire for. So the thumb rule is to have high expectations from yourself. Most of the time you are interacting with people who are either your direct competitors or the people who do not gain much with you growing in your career and it all falls on your shoulders.

Yes it is your responsibility to make it happen, the sooner you understand this reality the better it is.If you have not already set your career goal, set a high career goal and immediately start working towards achieving it by putting yourself on a continuous self improvement program.

God Bless


*details of coaches courtesy annanya 


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