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About ME

I am passionate about bringing about real time transformation of your life and business. Having studied and worked on a wide array of business models and life experiences gives me a 360 degree view of your situation. This insight helps me in visualizing the critical aspects that are most likely to get missed by you owing to the distorted perception emanating from the blind spots that literally blind you to the basic facts of life that lie in front of you on a day to day basis. It is not a matter of intelligence but deep insight that comes only from years of struggle to unravel the truth of life and business. My clients get immediate results as they gain instant clarity about the mistakes they have been committing for years. Believe me there is no rocket science but pure wisdom that can result in instant transformation. All you need is the faith in yourself that you deserve the best and you are going to make it happen.

I have over 29 years of professional experience with the worlds best brands that helps me in providing the best management consulting and life skills support to my clients. With over thousands of trained professional working across the country I feel blessed for having been chosen by the almighty for being the medium for their learning and transformation journey.

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Business Coaching

I help you in understanding the solutions that are most suitable to your business situation and the right kind of training that you need as a business leader for realizing full growth potential of your business.

Life Coaching

The best part about life is that it is very broad and all encompassing .Most of the challenges in life occur due to lack of knowledge. I help you with the timeless wisdom to get the best of everything you deserve in your life.

Management Consulting

Most small & medium business enterprises do not grow beyond a point as they fail to adopt professional management practices. I help you implement professional systems for business growth.


I know Sanjay since last 10 years. He is very passionate about learning and development and goes in detail to make participant understand. I have found him very much involved while conducting programmes.

Sunil Gautam

Mr Sharma is as passionate for sales as for training. He is true giver, and his special ability to connect the real and reel scenario with the Sales method is outstanding.

— Manish Jain