1. Owing to the fact that we are a consulting based services firm, we are fully eligible to be compensated against our knowledge, experience, expertise, time, advisory, consulting and services
  2. The fee is charged on the basis of the activity/ session / event schedule blocked for our client , leading to loss of other available business opportunities during our blocked time. That is the reason our policy does not allow any refund or cancellation option.
  3. As a supportive gesture we do permit one time rescheduling for a particular activity / event / session to our clients subject to clause 4, 5, 6 and 7 given below
  4. The professional fee paid towards our activity / session / event is not refundable under any circumstances
  5. Rescheduling is allowed only if done at least 7 working days prior to the earlier blocked schedule subject to availability of suitable schedule for the specific activity / event / session under consideration
  6. Rescheduling of an activity / event / session is permissible only once , no activity / event / session can be rescheduled for a second time
  7. In case of no show up by the client for the scheduled activity / event / session , the professional services shall be deemed to be delivered and no request for reschedule or refund shall be accepted in such a situation.