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“Life shares a lot in common with the academic university or school education, but one major difference is that academic university gives you the lesson before giving you a test where as life gives you a test before giving you the lesson.” sanjay v sharma – LIFE & BUSINESS COACH


Case Studies

sanjay v sharma Conducting Workshop

Case Study: Restarting Your Career All over Again

Some times the twists and turns of life take you through un imagined path. and that is exactly what happened with Rajesh. Like most people Rajesh was not prepared to handle the challenges that come along this turbulence. The result was total chaos and loss of direction. In a moment what he had built over years was shattered and it meant that he had to restart all over again from the base if he still wanted to follow his dream and passion. In such a situation the negativity that surrounded Rajesh was so heavy that it seemed almost impossible to Rajesh to carve his path through it, that is where I stepped in to help him crystallize his vision and regain his lost perspective for bringing his life back on track.


Life Coaching and Mentoring

Case Study: Building Positivity In Your Family Relationships

It is generally said that marriages are made in heaven, the irony then is that why there are so much troubles in marriage and why there are some that work so well whereas some do not work as well. This is all about gaining a deep understanding about your own self and the intricacies of life that are a reality and if you do not understand these or no body ever taught you about these then you would have a continued struggle to get peace into your relationships. That is where I step into your life and make you understand the right approach to get going in your relationships so that you are able to reduce your pain and suffering and replace it with happiness and fulfilment .



Mr Sanjay holds unique training and motivational capabilities helping transform young minds into successful sales professionals. Always a pleasure to meet him in person and a great learning experience

Chirajay Sharma – CO FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN

I know Sanjay since last 10 years. He is very passionate about learning and development and goes in detail to make participant understand. I have found him very much involved while conducting programmes

Sunil Gautam – Chief People Officer at Opera Gratia P.Ltd

Let’s build something great together.